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10grams of Super Roots = *1liter of Super Roots water , use 2 tablespoon for Fighters in 500ml water during conditioning.

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Betta Fighter (Fighting Fish) - harden scales, improve health and awaken fighter spirit. Once you have placed the order send email to to confirm your order and postage dates. Generally the time taken by normal registered post is about 2 to 3 weeks and is totally dependent on the postal services in your country. I have posted Super Roots by registered post to many countries without any issues. If you need to contact me send me a text message or whatsapp to +60194433088. Thanks and enjoy the power of Super Roots.


Super Root Story

This site was created due to the overwhelming interest shown towards the "super root" that i recently stumbled upon. Actually my friend who can be considered as native Malayan Aborigines, or otherwise commonly know as jungle people, recommended that i try using the "super root"  to condition my fighting fish before fights.

In the past i've only used Indian Almond Leaves and Banana Leaves to condition my fighters and wasn't very sure if i should give this root a try. Basically i wanted to know more about these so called "super roots" and obviously my native friend did not have a scientific name for the roots. All that i could gather from my native friend are summarised below. Enjoy the 10 points info below:-

  1. The roots have been used for generations by Malayan Native folks in ointements and medication to boost health and energy
  2. Higher concentration of the roots were extracted and used in dog foods before a wild boar hunt. The story goes that even when injured by the sharp boar tusk the dogs were madly chasing after the boars. Oblivious and ignorant to pain.
  3. Roots are in its purest form and is never mixed with other chemicals or oils, hence maintaining the quality and purity of the roots
  4. Once extracted the roots are immediately washed using flowing river water and dried under the sun laid on banana leaves.
  5. There's also some traditional obervation when handling the roots and its belived that the roots should not be placed on the floor, shuld not be walked over, and should have faith in the roots capabilites. Some mataras are used when these roots are excavated from deep in the soil so as to seek protection from mother nature.
  6. In the olden days in some parts of Borneo which is now portions of East Malaysia. Certain tribes were known for head hunting. These so called warrior tribes are noted to have their long houses full of hanging human skulls, like medals hanging from the roof tops. Mainly to show off their battle strength and popularly belived that the spirt of the headless warrior will not harm the houshold and family. These warriors were the 1st to discover the use of these roots. When burnt in fire the smoke emitted from the burning juice oozing from the root is supposed to put the warrior in a trance and ready for battle with ability to scout the dense jungle of Bornoe without sleep or food for days.
  7. In the modern scientific world raw roots excavated from deep in the soil are supposedly open to absorb vitamins, minerals and known to produce steroids which are often eliminated using chemical in the lab before making into powdery capsule or pills. However these roots excavated manually by jungle folks who are familiar with the roots are aiming for the steroids to boost enery level and resistance to natural ailments.
  8. These roots are only found in high altitude jungle grounds which are normally hidden among thick throny wild jungle bushes. It is of no simple feat to climb up the dense rainforrest jungle very early in the morning, go through trecherous paths of shrap throns and loose rocks risking life and limbs just to collect these roots. But on grounds of traditional medicine this is still beinbg done today.
  9. Fasting is also practised for a certain period of time before going into the dense jungle with the reciting of certain mantaras which is alien to me. Jungle folks belive in spirts and guardians which needs to be pleased before embarking into such journey. Normally by preparing some yellow rice and boiled eggs as offering.
  10. Once the roots are obtained certain rituals are performed to ensure that the jungle folks ancestors are pleased and would bless the roots for the wanted properties to work accordingly.

So there you have it some of the main info that was given to me verbally by my native friend. These to modern science may seem trival but from culture and practise stand point these roots has been around with the jungle folks for ages and has been seen to work, may it be during war or wild boar hunt or even warriors scouting the Borneo jungles. Oblivious to pain, hunger, tiredness and even sleep providing stamina, strength and peserverence. This i hope would be the same gain on my quest for the ultimate booster in game fish fighting.

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My fighter in a jar with super root + Indian Almond Leave


Fazirul Abdullah

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Super roots in a jar of water. Excellent for conditioning your fighters.




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