Super Roots for your Betta Plakat

Quick Usage GUIDE

1. Place 10grams of Super Roots in big jar or container

2. Pour  1liter of boiling water into big jar

3. Cool down till room temprature

4. Use 2 tablespoon for Fighters in 500ml water during conditioning

Note: 10grams Super Root = 1 Liter Super Root Water


How to use Super Roots

Although different people would have established different methods of using the Super Root to condition fighter. This is my preferred method and works well on all of my fighters.

Recommended and proven method that works for me:-

1. Soak the roots and Indian Almond Leaves (IAL) in a jar of boiling water. Use about 4-5 strands of roots and 3-4 small pieces of IAL

2. Allow water to cool down to normal temprature, the extract should be brownish

3. Use 6 tablespoons of the extract to add into fighter jar of 1 liter

4. Change fighter water every other day and add the same amount of extract as item 3

5. Use the extract for 5 consequtive days and 5 days without the extract

6. Repeat when required for conditioning

7. Add a pinch of salt after every water change

8. Feed your fighters lightly. Refrain from feeding your fighters too much during conditioning. Once a day is sufficient.

9. After conditioning train as per normal. Once training is completed for the day transfer your fighter back into the water with extract.

10. After completion of training routine, during resting extract is not required. Use water that you would normally prefer

11. During fight day use 2 tablespoon in the morning 1hour before fight and change back to your prefered water

12. Enjoy the fight

Another method of using Super Root

Alternatively small portion of super roots can be placed in clay-pots to condition your fighter.

A word of caution!!

  • DO NOT overdose your fighters. To much of the extract could have adverse effects on your fighter. If you find that for some reason your fighter is sick DO NOT use the root extract to cure your fighter from ailments or sickness. This is not a cure all remedy or medicine. The root extract is to be applied only for normal, healthy fighters.
  • Root extract should be used once cooled to normal temprature and SHOULD NOT be kept overnight. Therefore only use once for all your fighters and use fresh roots for each preparation. You may use small amount of roots if you have only small number of fighters.
  • If kept overnight the water will become thicker with stagnant bubbles in the surface and SHOULD NOT be used for fighters. Roots will loose the goodness if kept in water for too long. Use fresh Roots for better results.
  • DO NOT assume Roots to be a replacement for bloodline, conditioning, training, health and food.




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