Super Roots for your Betta Plakat

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10grams of Super Roots = *1liter of Super Roots water , use 2 tablespoon for Fighters in 500ml water during conditioning.

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my fighter videos

These are my fighter videos after conditioning with Super Roots. Prefer to condition my fighters in a clay pot. The 1st video below is my 1st batch fighters prepared for arena fights soon.

Next is my 2nd batch Green Fighters. Personally i like the shape and color of this fighters. Already pre-conditioned with Super Roots in clay pots. This vide shows my green fighters right after taking out of the conditioning clay pots. Observe the shiny tight scales and black head ;)

Another batch 2 Green Fighters. Smart, Beautiful and Powerful

 More videos of my fighter ready healthy and powerful after conditioning with Super Root


My Fighter Chasing Female

Another one of my fighters chasing females.


Fazirul Abdullah

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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