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My little Ponds

My little fighter ponds in my condominum balcony. Just breeding for fun, observe the root that i've placed in one of my little ponds. Seems to be working just nice. Little fighters soon to be warriors.

Fighter Breeding - just a small time hobby


Here's how i started to breed fighters as a small time hobby in my condominium balcony.

1. Breeding fighters is easy so i'll skip the part where you need to place the female and male in a container/tank with aged water and some plants.

2. Add in a long piece of Super Root, a few IAL and some crushed lettuce with a few drops of Interpet Liquifry #1 on the water surface

3. Remove the female once you see the eggs in the bubble nest and the female stays aweay from the male.

4. DO NOT remove the male for another week. I noticed that males are acively watching for fires which needs help to stay near surface

5. Male fighter will start eating fries which are deformed or sick or unable to survive. This is ok for me

6. Food for the fries comes from small micro oranism growing from the crushed lettuce and Interpet Liquifry #1  combination

7. Every day for 1 months put a few drops of Liquifry #1. No need to clean or change water just make only 2-3 drops of Liquifry #1

8. Transfer fries to larger clay pot and continue the food 2-3 drops of Liquifry #1 every day for next 1 month

9. After 2 months i just switch to Liquifry #2. Mix the drops in a small glass with aged water and pour on water surface

10. Once a week i get some daphnia for the fires

11. Sit and watch them grow. See my video here 

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