Super Roots for your Betta Plakat

Observation when using Roots

These are some of the observations that I noticed when using roots. Please note that different fighters from different fighting styles would perform differently. The roots are used only as a booster or enhancer and you may find that your observation might be different from mine.

The following changes were seen when roots were used after a prolonged period of time (used 5 days on and 5 days off method)

  1. Tough and Shiny scales - observed under magnifying glass
  2. More aggresive - Flares even when there's a shadow of movement
  3. Very alert to surroundings
  4. Powerful spring attack - coils like snake, jump and bites at female during training
  5. Improved appetite when taking food
  6. Fewer scale drops during test fights
  7. Longer endurance during female chasing activity (using long plastic flower bucket)
  8. During test fights attacks faster and is able to conserve energy by fighting smartly
  9. Fighter positions well with opponent and minimise exposure to vital attack points.
  10. Overall improvement of fight duration after using root and proper training.
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